THE MAN                     THE MUSIC                THE FUTURE

2011 has been a turning point in MAGNET MAN’S career, making the transition from being a household name in the Caribbean and being a star in the islands, to creating his sound - a new direction, and even a new genre that is all his own.  Magnet Man’s new music is an exciting fusion that is a ‘hybrid’ of Caribbean Ragga and British Rock that he calls RAGGA-ROCK.

With the music industry saturated with more of the same Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB, Indie etc, He felt he needed to create a space for himself in the industry to secure longevity as an Artist, hence Ragga Rock was born.

Magnet Man’s Ragga Rock isn’t just another big voice layered on a rock beat,

But the combination of his rich singing voice and Ragga vocals skillfully blending together with the occasional Rap that sets him apart from the rest.

He was called “the man of many voices’ by Blues and Soul magazine and the article went on to say “Magnet Man has the type of voice that send vibrations through your soul”

It was therefore no surprise that he named his forthcoming album Ragga-Rock, an album full of ‘soul vibrating’ songs of the highest quality.

Each track making you want more.

From the beginning, the opening track “TAKE ME AWAY” invites you on “A journey with the man” and the album is a beautiful journey of meaningful songs such as the rousing anthem “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” mixed with fun high energy tracks like  ‘JEZEBEL” a song the crowd like to sing along to, and “READY TO FLY” the party track of the album.

Magnet recorded his RAGGA-ROCK album at Leeders Farm and Dan Hawkins from The Darkness heard the music and loved it so much he wanted to be involved with the album and offered to play on some of the tracks. Dan is the featured guitarist on the outstanding track “SO ALIVE’ a track that has gained popularity when performed live as far as Cuba.

Magnet Man has great live experience, having performed with his band in many countries, and has just returned from a 2nd tour of CUBA where he performs live on National TV to millions, and headlines Festivals. His final performance in Revolution Square Holguin at the huge ROMERIAS DE MAYO 2011 MUSIC FESTIVAL’S grand finale concert had 20,000 revellers singing along to MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY and SO ALIVE! What a buzz, this was a testimony to the music as 98% of the crowd only speak Spanish!

Another track from the album, a real summer tune entitled “SUNSHINE GIRL” has been A listed on all the major radio stations across the 900 mile island of Cuba.

Magnet Man has also filmed the SUNSHINE GIRL music video in CUBA.

The Official launch of the Album is going to take place at the biggest festival in the East of England this summer called THE NORFOLK SPECTACULAR, where Magnet Man is joining some big name acts and will be playing the main stage to an anticipated 40,000 crowd. Ragga-Rock is a new word in the Music world’s dictionary, the founder, Magnet Man is the very first RAGGA-ROCK STAR who has taken his music to another level. The music will speak for itself, it is world class.